Why Must I Encrypt My Wireless Network?

If a commercial wireless network fails, the whole of society suffers. Many businesses rely solely on the Internet to manage their businesses, if no one can connect, the work will not be carried out. In some cases this may be the company in a very short time a large amount of money.

If you want to buy a repeater for use with a mixed network (wired or wireless), be sure to buy a repeater with wireless 802.11b / g standard. This standard should be the same as the standard modem, even if some transponders with several standard (check the paperwork with the repeater to find out) are compatible.

Click “Use the following IP address” and enter the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway. The IP address is the address that you allow your computer, would depend on the configuration of the router. If this address is, then you need an IP address in the format 192.168.0.x (x replaced with the value that you want to) to enter your computer.

The next step is useful for router users. If your computer or server connected to the router, it is not enough to get a static IP and add MX record. It is necessary, your router and configure.

Many computer network tools, including Linksys routers try their Internet Protocol addresses by default For such cases it is possible to encounter some problems because it is very difficult, different devices use a single network address and Internet protocol use. In this case, everyone should remember to use the default addresses, the computer before you change to a single network.

Is just make sure that your modem and router are connected to the socket. See if all the lights lit on the front of them. If the modem and router have lights on the front follow the instructions below. If not, where we do not know.

Modem autonomous Please connect to the Internet via the WAN port on the router. Close CCTV DVR and computers available ports on the router as well. The router should now be configured to connect to the ISP and the connection.

Enabling encryption is a two step process. First, you must configure the router to use encryption using an encryption key of your choice. Then you can configure your computer to use the encryption key. The actual process of configuring your router for encryption varies from router to router. Please consult the router’s manual.

After selecting the router 1 from the checklist, visit the Wi-Fi tab, and then click the Wireless Security tab. All it’s a must to make the company the entrance of the same type of encryption and key you just setup the router 1. After configuring encryption type and keys in ybur DD router -WRT modded, all you have to do is contact the settings. It is best now a Wi-Fi connection between the WRT160N Linksys and the Linksys WRT54GS. Now connect to a Wi-Fi router to DD-WRT modded and make sure that your Internet connection is working.